Poesie tradotte in inglese


I wish it was snow this gap
a stainless white
and flowers skimming the evening.

I carry light suitcases, you said
I close the door slowly, I save
an unexpected glimmer out of it,
those soles of wind.
I speak the rifting blue, I watch over
the ring where the hands pray
the bleeding voice.

I stay here, hanging in this chrism
of silence. Steps that get lost
in a breath, the footprint that blakens the nails.

(translation by Elena Cattaneo)


You remember them by disjointed
associations, heart drifts.
Like a flower bandana while
you set the table, or a snake
ring while you water
the garden or while dozing.
Or again, you remember a pedalo ride
you do not know when, and the sharp light. False.
Someone waving from the shore.

Deprived symbols, atoms
of dull stuff. Nothing noble
– perhaps we live on our losses –
nothing useful or just understandable.
However writing of it.
The art of forgetting.

(translation by Elena Cattaneo)



With my eyes closed
Swirled in a vivid breath the air
like a strong amethyst wind.
Bore that tremor a blow of wings
crackled in green at the rough rinds
a vortex of steam and shadow.
Then it dripped a clear liqueur, watery
sweet of pollen, it rolled on the edge
and left a wake of resin.

Whiteness that surrendered, crashed the dawn.
I stood in that silence
in its very fragile word.
My awakening profaned it forever.

(translation by Elena Cattaneo)


I testi tradotti da Elena Cattaneo sono presenti anche sulla pagina personale del poeta in Italian Poetry


Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn on Pexels.com

Alchemical  instructions for  composting

Collect and stack mown grass

walnut shells, coffee dregs

tea bags, bones, other good garbage.

Stir twice or three times a year, slowly

for triggering the cycle of silence.

From time to time water it, add

some other scum, surfaced from a forgotten

mirror. Press properly

like to restrain a dark hiccup,

a smuggled memory.

Then ripen fully, let time run

Its course, its gentle blade.

Sometime – after an earthquake of years –

a poem emerges.

(translation by Gabriele Codifava)


At times I think of us as two isotopes
different only for specific weight
same strain, shared root.
Like deuterium and tritium, variations
of the hydrogen atom, forced
to converge
on the edge of a common space,
to overcome our repulsion
in a new union, righteous light.
A supervised union, without
slag. Clean energy.
The first core of a dwarf star.
(Physics of a failed challenge)
(translation by Rocìo Bolanos)


6 pensieri riguardo “Poesie tradotte in inglese

  1. Bellissime traduzioni di altrettanto belle poesie. Una lirica così intensa, che si confronta con termini scientifici alla ricerca di una sensuosa precisione, pur salvando la parte di mistero necessaria, mi richiama alla mente un grande poeta metafisico, John Donne. Grazie, Fabrizio. Mi procurerò il libro.

  2. Belle, delicate, caro Fabrizio. E brava la traduttrice. Un’operazione interessante, che aiuta a diffondere la poesia in una lingua che ormai quasi tutti, bene o male, sanno leggere.


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