Poesie tradotte in inglese


Le traduzioni che seguono, in lingua inglese, sono state realizzate con il prezioso contributo della poetessa Elena Cattaneo.


I wish it was snow this gap
a stainless white
and flowers skimming the evening.

I carry light suitcases, you said
I close the door slowly, I save
an unexpected glimmer out of it,
those soles of wind.
I speak the rifting blue, I watch over
the ring where the hands pray
the bleeding voice.

I stay here, hanging in this chrism
of silence. Steps that get lost
in a breath, the footprint that blakens the nails.


You remember them by disjointed
associations, heart drifts.
Like a flower bandana while
you set the table, or a snake
ring while you water
the garden or while dozing.
Or again, you remember a pedalo ride
you do not know when, and the sharp light. False.
Someone waving from the shore.

Deprived symbols, atoms
of dull stuff. Nothing noble
– perhaps we live on our losses –
nothing useful or just understandable.
However writing of it.
The art of forgetting.


With my eyes closed
Swirled in a vivid breath the air
like a strong amethyst wind.
Bore that tremor a blow of wings
crackled in green at the rough rinds
a vortex of steam and shadow.
Then it dripped a clear liqueur, watery
sweet of pollen, it rolled on the edge
and left a wake of resin.

Whiteness that surrendered, crashed the dawn.
I stood in that silence
in its very fragile word.
My awakening profaned it forever.



Gli stessi testi sono presenti anche sulla pagina personale del poeta in Italian Poetry



4 risposte a “Poesie tradotte in inglese

  1. Bravo Fabrizio, è importante essere ben tradotti a uso e consumo del mondo anglo sassone

    "Mi piace"

  2. Laura Cantelmo

    Belle, delicate, caro Fabrizio. E brava la traduttrice. Un’operazione interessante, che aiuta a diffondere la poesia in una lingua che ormai quasi tutti, bene o male, sanno leggere.

    "Mi piace"


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